New Baby Rooms

New Baby Rooms

New Baby Rooms

Huis Lesedi had to have a major make-over to transform it into a Baby-house.

A major portion of the house was transformed into “baby focused quarters,” including this comfortable bedroom. The smaller cribs on wheels in this picture have since been moved to an isolation room for our premature babies or those who need to be quarantined due to minor illnesses.

These cribs have since been replaced with lovely, practical wooden cribs, hand made and donated by a concerned volunteer. This act of kindness afforded us to now take in 12 babies at one time!

The baby quarters have been fitted with a mini-kitchen, a lovely dual-purpose bathroom and small TV area with a couch for the caregivers to cuddle and feed the babies.

At this time there is a much needed and heart felt wish for a covered, sunny play area outside the baby quarters. In the past we had to prioritize our needs. Now, especially with winter approaching, we would appreciate help in this regard so much! (Please visit our Donate or Wishlist page.)

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