Disposable Nappies Donation

Disposable Nappies Donation

Disposable Nappies Donation

There would always be a pressing need for baby milk formula and disposable nappies!

For any mother with children it should be easy to imagine the need for a finer quality disposable nappy. Some brands with inferior water retention capability remain one of our challenges.

We have received wonderful donations in the past – as is evident from this photograph. We truly appreciate donations like this from both individuals and companies!

There were times when we – for all practical purposes – ran out of a certain size of nappy, and the same day or the next someone would show up with exactly the size nappy needed! We have experienced miracles on a daily basis. We are fully aware that God has his hand on Huis Lesedi.

To bless us with a donation, please visit our Donate page, or contact us via our Contact page.

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