Baby Elizabeth

Baby Elizabeth

Baby Elizabeth

If you look at the size of the hand next to this baby, you can form an idea of how tiny she was.  Yes, was.

We also experience loss and pain and heartache in the house.

Baby Elizabeth was a premature baby that passed away when she was only four months old due to Pneumonia. It is extremely traumatic to lose one of our babies.

When they get adopted, at least you have the assurance that he/she is with loving parents who’ve waited their whole life for that baby.

Whenever a baby in our care would pass away, we all need to let go of our dreams for this precious child’s future. The loss is indescribable.

Unfortunately the House has to rely on State hospitals for medical care, in our situation we need to drive long distances. We would love to be able to subscribe to a hospital plan or some kind of medical care a normal household would have access to. When a baby becomes ill, he or she could then immediately receive the best possible treatment available.

(Please visit our Donate page to help provide in this crucial need.)

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